Media Production House

If it’s creative, it all lives within BOLDLIFESTYLE. As a company motto, we have always appreciated the wise adage, “Fortune Favors the Bold.” We have come to find that successful and effective marketing takes “boldness” within both parties. Establishing life through ideas is not easy; therefore, we take great care when entering into contract with our prospective clients. We love a challenge as much as we love satisfied customers. For this reason, we understand our style is not for everyone, but we definitely think it is for those that want to make a bold statement in marketing and advertisement.

Our Expertise


We are stocked with several high-end, Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Cannon camera bodies and lenses. Our equipment line and resources allow us to capture stunning images in natural lighting, selective lighting, and access to full studios. Our basic hourly costs remain the same for all photography sessions; however, different projects may require different packages. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


Video is making a huge mark on the scene because of its dynamic and unique message-driven capabilities. Online website and social media platforms are involving the display and share of video in a much more efficient way due to this growth and increase in video as an informative source as opposed to the more traditional text-based media.


Make an impact with your new brand and have our team create a branding kit that fully expresses the soul of your concept. A strong, visual presence makes a major difference when it comes to brand acknowledgement. Our team has been involved with the creation and execution of various brands for various industries. After completing a brief questionnaire, our team can begin creating a brand that works specifically for your concept and industry.

Web Design & Strategy

With over 10 years of professional experience, our web design team is well-versed in design and development of creative, attractive, and informative websites. The process of website design has changed throughout the years and we are continually keeping us with modern practices and capabilities. We can design websites in HTML and/or various widely used Content Management Systems such as: WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Some of our clients choose to learn how to manage their websites without the monthly management fee we offer by accepting our online web maintenance training for the above Content Management Systems. In the time of social media platforms, be sure to keep your followers connected by a definitive website. Contact us today for more information.